5 Nonprofit Speakers that are Transforming the World of Fundraising

Speakers that are Transforming the World (and face) of Fundraising

Changing the face of nonprofit fundraising has been no simple fix — updating the fundraising model has meant working with lead-generation technology and changing the way companies have conversations with potential donors.

Thankfully, the space is full of leaders and visionaries bringing about needed change. Here are five speakers who are moving and shaking up the world of fundraising.

  1. Kishshana Palmer

There’s a reason that Kishshana Palmer calls herself the “Queen of Focus” — she helps organizations lock themselves in on what matters most. One of the biggest issues nonprofits face is overextension.

Palmer helps these enterprises that are spread too thin to center in on their core functions. She also founded The Rooted Collaborative, a community that focuses on empowering and helping women of color advance in the non-profit sector.

  1. Mallory Erickson

Being a fundraiser generally means spending time cultivating people who will never end up donating a dollar to your organization — but it doesn’t have to. Mallory Erickson knows how frustrating it can be to dedicate significant amounts of time to work and come up with little.

Mallory Erickson created the Power Partners Formula, a system helping nonprofits identify the right donors and appeal to them in exactly the right manner.

Erickson has taught over 1,500 organizations how to fundamentally change the way they fundraise using her signature method. Her fun and fresh approach to fundraising brings in millions for organizations across the world.

  1. Vu Le

In the world of nonprofits, it can be easy to let serious and morose attitudes start to weigh down the joy inherent in the profession. Vu Le’s mission is to let those in the nonprofit world reaffirm their commitment to justice without skimping out on the humor and fun that can go along with it.

Le’s blog, Nonprofit AF, is a great showcase of just how meaningful this outlook can be. By embracing an attitude of levity, fundraisers can draw donors into a world they’ll want to support, not a world they feel compelled to support.

  1. Dan Pallotta

All nonprofit-focused speakers trying to transform the space today owe a great debt to Dan Pallotta. Pallotta is the grandfather of nonprofit innovation and disruption and has been helping nonprofits everywhere reach donors and achieve their goals more effectively for years.

Dan Pallotta’s book, The Everyday Philanthropist is an invaluable guide for fundraisers looking for the best ways to make connections.

  1. Viktoria Harrison

Though Viktoria Harrison gained most of her coaching experience within the startup world, her fundamental message is just as applicable to nonprofits: if you want to appeal to people in a meaningful way, you need to refine your brand.

Harrison cut her teeth building a successful nonprofit that secures clean water for those without access. After securing clean water for over 10 million people, she wants to share what she’s learned with others. Start to develop your brand now, and watch it pay off in bigger donations later on.

The right speaker will inspire a transformational moment in an organization.

These speakers have the expertise that can best fit the needs of your organization. You can now include a professional speaker in your next event and get your nonprofit on the fundraising track it’s long been aiming for.

5 Nonprofit Speakers that are Transforming the World of Fundraising was originally published on ReadWrite by Deanna Ritchie.



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