Content is the king of any type of marketing; there is nothing new here. However, creating a perfect plan for your next content marketing is the key to success. Almost anyone can create content but making it perfectly suited for your business is the key.

Long ago, before 2005, B2B and B2C businesses usually did not care about creating fresh content regularly. However, because of the audience’s ever-increasing desire for fresh and engaging content, search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., also give priority to fresh and engaging content.

Create a Perfect Content Marketing Plan for Your Business

And this is where it begins; from personal bloggers to big brands, all are racing to create fresh and engaging content regularly for their business website to get their share of organic traffic.

For most non-profit organizations, fundraising looks much the same as it did decades ago: cold calls, follow-ups, mailing lists, and so on. While this model may have worked just fine in the past, nonprofit- fundraising needed a facelift. Nonprofits are beginning to find lucrative ways to change the face of fundraising.

Speakers that are Transforming the World (and face) of Fundraising

Changing the face of nonprofit fundraising has been no simple fix — updating the fundraising model has meant working with lead-generation technology and changing the way companies have conversations with potential donors.

Thankfully, the space is full of leaders and visionaries bringing about needed change. Here are five speakers who are moving and shaking up the world of fundraising.

It is probably obvious to most people that certain personal information should be tightly protected — especially bank details, health records, and passwords. The motivation might be to protect us from criminal activity, embarrassment, or just because it is not anyone else’s business. Users should care about data privacy — and the tech industry should safeguard your data.

It’s essential to understand that ALL personal data is now the fuel of the digital economy.

And that means that there is an entire industry worth billions of dollars devoted to finding everything out about YOU. Your friends. Your shopping habits. Where you live and who you live with. Everything is up for grabs and harnessed for one simple reason. To make it easier to target you with adverts persuading you to buy things you might not purchase otherwise.

Data Privacy — Why Users Should Care and How the Tech Industry Should Safeguard Data

We all know about adverts that follow us around the Internet (a process known as remarketing). …

Long-term chronic medical conditions are a fact of American life, and they seem to receive only a small fraction of the attention and care they’re due. It’s estimated that some 157 million Americans suffer from chronic conditions, representing well over 40% of the population. That number is only going to go up in the immediate future, meaning that new efforts are needed to help people cope.

Four Companies Helping People With Chronic Care Issues

Thankfully, a number of businesses are currently working on vital solutions. No one firm will be able to solve every case — it will take an entire industry’s worth of effort in order to effect the necessary changes. Here are four companies leading the charge:

1. Navigating Cancer

Anyone who’s undergone treatment for cancer or knows someone who has done so is aware that care is a holistic process — it doesn’t start and stop at the hospital door. Navigating Cancer is a revolutionary platform that acknowledges this reality by giving doctors the tools they need to connect with and monitor their patients.

It is a common occurrence for business owners, bloggers, hobby website developers, or anyone else who has a site. Your site’s visitors could be wondering why your site loads very slowly, whether it is their online shop, blog, or social media platform.

What Causes a Website to Load Slowly and How to Fix Them

The speed of your site determines how successful your website will be. It has a central role to play, including the conversion rate and the visibility of your site. Thus, optimizing your website’s speed is vital, although it might need some input to get it done.

Luckily, there are several accessible speed tests applicable. Even though there are several reasons why your site may be slow, you can resolve most of them for free. Unfortunately, slow speed for your website is undoubtedly a recipe for failure.

It is frustrating to both you and the visitors to your site. Slow loading…

Insomnia or sleeplessness is a major health issue that can deteriorate the conditions of your health.

Ideally, an adult should have an uninterrupted sleep for seven to eight hours every night, but people with sleep disorders will not achieve that.

Is it Possible to Cure Insomnia for Good?

One of the major reasons behind insomnia iS stress and anxiety. You should consult an expert to get this treated. Apart from that, you can also do the following things to help yourself relax and get that much-needed sleep and rest.


Mindful meditation has proven to offer multiple health benefits as well as helping you sleep well. It promotes a good lifestyle and helps you to get a peaceful sleep at night. …

The time for self-driving cars is already here. A permit was awarded to Nuro — the state’s first commercial permit for self-driving cars — from California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in late December 2020.

This permit allows it to operate autonomous vehicles commercially on the roads of two counties. Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, wherein soon everything shall be autonomous and automated.

What’s Next? Machine Learning 2021

As per current reports, 65% of companies who are planning to adopt machine learning say the technology helps businesses in decision-making. In the article, we shall help you further understand and analyze these developments.

What is Machine Learning?

The current big data technology developments are churning out eons of data every second. But, what exactly should be done of this data if it cannot be well utilized well. …

There is a famous saying that technological advancement in the past 20 years has eclipsed the changes happening in the entire history of Mankind. The current digital gadgets which we use, such as wearable watches, Tablets, Smartphones, were not even thinkable a few decades back — the same goes with Softwares. The Technology world has evolved at an astonishing pace in the last 20 years.

Serverless Stack for Mobile Application Development

With the advent of Cloud computing, this usual pattern was changed; it offers flexibility to take server space and other computing capabilities on rent. Cloud vendors offer a pay-per-usage model, which was extremely beneficial for Application developers and owners. Cloud computing now has users pay only for those resources, which are in use — they don’t have to think about the maintenance and other aspects.

What is Serverless?

We believe the term ‘Serverless’ does not mean there is no involvement of Servers. However, these Services and Infrastructure resources are provided by a specific 3rd Party vendors as a backend service.

The developers can…

In 1996, Japanese video game developer Game Freak redefined portable gaming with Pokémon Red and Blue, companion titles that used tradable virtual creatures to merge digital achievement with a real-world sense of ownership and transaction.

Today, blockchain games represent a bold new extension of this type of gaming: full-fledged game economics. In this case, the “gotta catch ’em all” mentality of the Game Boy age is applied to a network of decentralized collectibles and real-world payouts, and people are throwing an insane amount of money at these games.

Could Gamifying Blockchain Lead to Greater Adoption Overall?

Take CryptoKitties, for example. Fitz Tepper, the VP of Operations at Rally Rd, calls CryptoKitties “the digital version of Pokemon cards but based on the Ethereum blockchain.”

Since CryptoKitties’ launch in 2017, it’s already seen over $1.3 million in transactions. It became so popular so quickly that…

The realization of the necessity of an interconnected system that leverages the Internet to make things easier revolutionizes the way we live. It led to the creation of IoT, and although the term is 16 years old — the concept dates back to the 70s. Previously known as “Embedded Internet,” the term IoT was coined in 1999 by Kevin Ashton.

A Comprehensive Overview of IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing

Today, IoT is the primary source of big data collection. The analysis and processing of this gathered data have given numerous modern analytic solutions. IoT is also the main reason for innovation in the modern world, with more robust information. It has given rise to new business opportunities.

Today, IoT technology has given a new meaning to the world “Smart.” By forming a relationship with other technologies like cloud computing and contributing to them in terms of information, the IoT technology helps new businesses and old ones in terms of growth.

Cloud computing advances processes and data analytics

For example…


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