The digital shift that has taken place in economics has affected every facet of business. Technology rules the world from their operations to the products and services they offer.

Traditionally, the marketing strategies employed by nonprofits have been dictated by funding demands. It’s high time that changed. Amidst significant losses in charity income, especially by small nonprofits (philanthropy dot com) due to COVID-19, this is understandably counterintuitive.

  • Content: providing information to people who are interested in your cause
  • Advocacy: encouraging people to take specific actions…

You need to have a website. There’s no other way to build a successful business in the modern era. But if you’re new to the world of entrepreneurship, you’re quickly going to realize that your website’s design, development, and maintenance are not easy decisions to make.

The world is shrinking into a crystal ball of technology. Everything is bound by the web of the internet, our homes, schools, workplace, or a restaurant where we love to eat every weekend.

Remote working has undoubtedly helped us sail through the pandemic by following the necessary protocol of social distancing, but with this increased independence comes an increased need for security. The absence of foolproof Cybersecurity measures at the employee’s remote workplace poses a serious threat to information security and shared data over unsecured networks.

Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Workers

Air-gapping is becoming more and more common in the data protection and backup and disaster recovery (DR) industry. You will find a lot of content about it, and you will hear cyber-security experts recommend it — almost aggressively. It does sound like hype, but is it? That’s the question we’ll be looking to answer in this article.

Is your data stored in the cloud secure?

Cybersecurity has become the most critical concern of this digital world. We have seen 160 million data compromise victims in the latest reports, much higher than the previous year’s records. The primary reason behind this dramatic rise is unsecured cloud databases.

Global 5G adoption is set to hit 1 billion this year , with connections rapidly growing over the past few months. For the stakeholders in the logistics industry, 5G technology represents a fresh hope to bury the long-lasting challenges that the industry has endured. However, 5G has a lot more to offer than just lower latencies and faster speeds.

Covid affected nearly all industries. Take industrial manufacturing, for instance. Nearly half of Asian factories reported everything from lacking raw materials to plummeting sales. Yet, despite this grim outlook, many turned themselves around and changed for the better.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has gained more traction in the cyber market in recent years. Statista projects the IoT market worldwide.


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