The commercial real estate industry has changed considerably over the past year and a half. Some of the short-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been devastating while the impact of others remains to be seen. However, when investors look to the future, there’s one thing we can all get excited about, namely the rise of the smart office.

Commercial Office Space in a Post-COVID World

When the COVID-19 pandemic first shocked the United States in April 2020, the majority of the American workforce still “went in” to work. In other words, they commuted into the office, plopped down in a chair, and performed their job duties in a corporate office. When shutdowns forced companies to get creative, everything changed.

Today, much of our workforce is now working remotely from home. Some companies have even decided to get rid of their corporate offices and go 100 percent virtual — a shocking 180-degree pivot that would have been unthinkable just two years ago.

Other businesses are choosing…

Disability care is practical help with anything from everyday tasks. A disability is a mental or physical impairment with longstanding and significant effects on someone’s ability to undertake day-to-day chores. Unfortunately, people living with disabilities are talked about as though they make up one group.

Disabled people face different challenges, and their health conditions also vary. Disability care is distinctive, and each person needs the right solutions. Each affected person needs careful assessment, and the available resources need to be reviewed to check whether they satisfy their needs.

Getting the proper healthcare support for you or a loved one is essential. Good care can help affected people live independently and with dignity. But then again, it can be daunting to choose the best disability care providers if you don’t know where to start.

Common Issues for Disabled People- What to Know

Before you go about choosing the best disability care provider near you…

It has become appallingly obvious that technology has surpassed humanity. Technological innovations, as well as advancements, are revolutionizing the complete world. Literally, everything is prone towards digitization. According to technological growth statistics, there are approximately 4.88 billion mobile phone users across the globe as of January 2021. 62% of the world’s population owns mobile devices. People use mobile devices even for their financial transactions since after the pandemic outbreak.

Fintech Trends to Watch Out for in 2021 and Beyond

Since the coronavirus struck, people are more prone to mobile payments and digital transactions. The purpose of this approach is to avoid physical contact, resulting in tremendous evolution in the Fintech industry. Over 69 million people use mobile payment services. Not only this, but also in the United States, in-store mobile payments are reaching $128 billion in 2021.

Financial technology is a novel advancement that is attaining prominence worldwide by substituting traditional financial services in numerous sectors, including payments, wealth management, banking, electronic commerce, social commerce, and much more.

Infrastructure-based technology in application programming interfaces and open platforms is revamping…

I’ve been on the sidelines with cryptocurrencies, but it’s an asset class that is fascinating for many reasons. For many crypto investors, the conversation about best cryptos begins and ends with Bitcoin (CCC:). However, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Bitcoin does not need to be your digital currency of choice.

That’s because there’s been a massive wave of altcoins that have entered the cryptocurrency market. Altcoins (or alternative coins) are loosely defined as any coin that is not Bitcoin. Based on that definition, Ethereum (CCC:) is the most well-known altcoin. But there are now dozens of other altcoins competing for attention. And some of these may be considered the best cryptos for speculative investors.

For a long time, the price of altcoins had a strong correlation to the price of Bitcoin. But that has started to change. This may be a sign of a maturing market. Altcoins are typically created…

I was SO excited to get the Achedaway Cupper and couldn’t wait to use it. I like to read all of the instructions on items before using them to get the best benefits. The Achedaway Cupper instructions are easy to understand with clear instructions and good images. If you get confused (you won’t), there are a couple of good YouTube’s about the Cupper.

Be Careful of the Bluebirds, Cupper Fans

Years ago (okay many years ago), when I was in High School — my boyfriend came over on a Saturday. My dad was home and called for my boyfriend to come into the kitchen, which he did. Dad was quite friendly, then all of a sudden, dad doubles down with an intense look, “Hey, I want to know what those bluebirds are on my daughter’s neck?” What a bully and a horrible thing for my father to have done to my friend and me. I’ve PTSD’d (kidding) over that scenario for years.

Nonetheless — I warn you now — watch…

Today, companies are actively using cloud technologies, as these technologies help to cut costs and attract profits. However, like any other resource, the cloud has nuances that you need to know to get the most out of it for your business. We will tell you how to achieve cloud cost optimization and what factors should be taken into account to maximize the benefits of working with the cloud.

How cloud technologies save companies money

Companies that operate in data centers spend about 75% of their budgets on equipment purchasing and upgrading, license updating, maintenance and support, and other similar procedures. For fast-growing businesses, new equipment can be too large, expensive, and inconvenient.

Let us say there are one hundred employees in your office who need access to a certain application, so you have to buy one hundred named user licenses. It will be necessary to acquire and deploy the entire hardware infrastructure for hundreds of users and train your IT staff to install, maintain, and troubleshoot the application.

Cloud saves on hardware and software

When using a cloud application, there…

While social media can help you land a dream job, many mistakes can lead to a failed job interview, but there’s one mistake that employers see all the time: you. Of course, you may think it doesn’t matter what you post on social media. Still, research shows that 70% of hiring managers will Google potential candidates and check their profiles before scheduling an interview.

Even if they don’t find anything incriminating, your posts might give them enough reason not to hire or promote you. No wonder they’re looking — remote recruitment is getting more and more popular.

Mistakes Job Candidates Make On Social Media

Avoiding mistakes job candidates make on social media sounds like common sense. For example, never post anything personal about yourself on the internet, especially when it comes to drinking alcohol or using drugs. But we’re living in a world where people often break these rules without thinking twice because they’re feeling invincible behind their keyboards and phones.

The problem is that many job seekers are making these…

The pandemic has by and large impacted every sector of society in the entire world. The fall in GDP and the continuous burden on the state income forced people to get a solution for sales, long-term. The solution must be one that can take people out of this situation of crisis.

This sudden disaster changed the very shape of society. And the sector that has been most impacted is business, thereby largely affecting the entire world’s economy.

Small Businesses Can Grow Sales During the Pandemic

The major impact during this situation was on the small businesses, whose income graph saw a downward turn. However, there are many ways that these businesses can survive even during these crises.

  • Taking an example from one of the businesses in the U.S., it can be suggested that going online is a good alternative for these businesses.

New methods of marketing are involved in this process and that too in a creative way. Selling…

Hyperlinks have long been a critical part of the internet’s infrastructure. Practically speaking, they connect websites and webpages to each other, while providing superhighways for online readers to get from one place to another.

In the context of Google and other search engines, links are even more important. In case you aren’t familiar, links function as a kind of voting system in the eyes of most search engine; if your content earns a lot of links, it’s seen as more trustworthy and authoritative, ultimately helping it rank higher and achieve even more visibility (which is great for business owners ).

The backlink-based PageRank system is much more complex than my simplistic explanation would imply, but suffice it to say, backlinks are vital if you want your content to succeed.

Because of this, and because…

To help you understand what’s behind the “things” part of the IoMT systems, let’s take a heart rate monitor, for example. Such a device collects patient data and sends it to the hospital cloud software so a doctor can see the real picture of a health condition and make timely and informed decisions.

If we take the 2017 statistics presented by Healthcare IT News , we’ll see that 60% of healthcare organizations worldwide have already implemented IoT solutions into their processes. Another 27% of institutions are expected to adopt the technology in the short term. The major factors that influence the fast adoption of IoMT technologies are as follows.

Rising healthcare costs

The increased need for remote patient monitoring

There are two key tendencies behind this factor: the rising incidence of chronic illnesses (specifically such diseases as cancer, asthma, and diabetes) and the aging population. As for the latter, The United Nations report states that by 2050 there will be 2.1 billion elderly…


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