How Drone Technology is Changing the Current Real Estate Market

With the outbreak of COVID-19, real estate agents have had to change the way they work profoundly. Now relying on technology more, agents have shifted away from multiple in-person visits to virtual viewings to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Better listings

The real estate industry is the second-highest user of drone technology (behind photography). One reason for this is that the views are stunning and add value to the listing. High volume agents use aerials 3.5x more often than low volume agents, likely due to buyer and seller demand. Without an aerial view, it is complicated to showcase the lot and the full size of the property.

Comprehensive views

Drones are particularly useful for large properties. It’s very challenging for agents to show a large estate just from the ground, and drones can help showcase the magnitude of a place. Furthermore, it’s challenging for those moving to a new neighborhood to get a sense of what living there would entail.

Design and mapping

Drones ease the burden of property design, especially when it comes to views. It’s nearly impossible to see what a view would be from the ground, so drones can help decide placements of sitting areas, windows, and overall design structure of properties.

Concerns with drone technology

While it seems as though drones are a dream technology addition to the real estate industry, numerous concerns about drones exist. Privacy and legal issues are among the top issues many have with drones. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) created a helpful FAQ about using drones.

Drone use moving forward

Another significant reason drone use has increased in real estate is the price has come down quite significantly. Before drones existed, aerial footage was costly, making it more of a luxury. However, the cost of drones has dropped, which is why many real estate agents can afford to add this to their arsenal of tools that attract buyers and sellers.

Adrian Fisher



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The latest #news, analysis, and conversation on the #InternetOfThings