How to A/B Test Your Email Subject Lines and Drive Results

73% of marketers agree that email marketing is the best channel for a brand that wants to increase ROI. Moreover, brands that invest in email marketing get $40 for every $1 invested. Those are just a few stats that lay bare the impressive results of email marketing.

Test Your Email Subject Lines and Drive Results

What is email subject line A/B testing?

Advantages of A/B testing email subject lines

You can also translate the data into other channels like social media or websites.

8 Email Subject Line Variables You Should Test to Drive Results

1. Length

2. Creating a sense of urgency

3. Adding emojis

4. Capitalized words and sentence cases

5. Single-word subject lines

6. Statement vs. question

7. Personalization

8. Numbers and lists

How to A/B test email subject lines?

1. Decide what subject line to test

2. Determine your goals

3. Establish benchmarks or how to measure results

4. Determine your test sample

5. Establish how long the A/B test should run

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