How Background Music Helps Improve Employee Morale in the COVID Age

The average full-time employee spends about one-third of their waking hours each week at work, contributing significantly to their mood and attitude. Employee stress and a business’s revenue are inversely related; an estimated $1 trillion is lost annually as a result of lost productivity due to anxiety, depression and stress.

COVID-19’s Impact on the Workplace

How Businesses Can Create a Positive Work Environment for Employees

Implement the Right Background Music in the Workplace

Promote Healthy Behaviors

Increase Communication Pathways

How Does Music Affect the Brain?

Music Therapy to Address Anxiety

Benefits of Selecting Appropriate Music for a Business

The Right Music for the Workplace


Musical Structure or Key



Task Being Executed

Where Should Music be Played in the Workplace?

Store Floor or Restaurant Waiting Area



Common Areas

Recreational Areas

Play Different Music in Different Areas of the Business

Customizing and Planning Business Background Music



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The latest #news, analysis, and conversation on the #InternetOfThings