The Pandemic, Social Injustice and the Roles Brands Need to Play

In 2018, a survey of global consumers determined that almost two-thirds of customers preferred to do business with companies that stood for a purpose. Consumers want a company that reflects their personal values and beliefs as opposed to organizations that do not. Here is the pandemic, social injustice and the roles brands need to play.

Companies and brands have always tried to set the trend — but spurring change has become the new norm for businesses.

Understanding how your brand can make an impact is crucial to growing your business in today’s world. Take it from these experts who believe that the key to successful branding in 2021 will involve addressing the issues and pain points their customers face.

Brands Have a Responsibility

Companies can no longer sit by as the chaos of the world rages around them. Instead of ignoring unrest or adding to it, they strive to provide order and ease to their customers whenever possible. These efforts, on the part of businesses, helps to give back to the community, increases your customer base, and builds brand loyalty while you’re at it.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

While your brand should definitely address problems and say the right things, what your company does is much more important in the face of adversity. You can say all you want, but your words are meaningless if you don’t do anything about it.

Genuine Brands Will Succeed

Donating a bunch of money to local companies is well and good, but is the action sincere? Additionally, is the company simply “cutting a check,” or are they sincerely trying to make a difference? Still donate and give the funds — but sincerity and feeling will serve a much greater cause.

Is your company taking care of its own employees, especially during COVID-19 and the challenges it presents?

Are your hiring practices fair and diverse, and are you developing a positive culture that makes a difference? These are the adjustments that lead to successful brands.

Something is Better than Nothing

The bottom line for brands today is that any form of positive action is better than ignoring issues entirely. Don’t let fear prevent you from speaking out by listening to the advice Eliza VanCort has for you.

  • Firstly, you can hire an outside consultant to guide you.
  • Secondly, if a company truly commits to making a difference, and this commitment is not in the service of optics but in the service of making the world better for all, the chances of them misstepping are reduced substantially.
  • Finally, the work of making change is sloppy, but when we don’t all commit to doing it when we let the fear of making a mistake stop us from doing anything at all, we lodge a huge spoke in the wheel of progress.”
Deanna Ritchie



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The latest #news, analysis, and conversation on the #InternetOfThings